jiri tibor novak

photo by Robert Ashton

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Awards and international exhibitions

Unesco / Noma Concours, Fish and Bird, commended, 1982

Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), Fish and Bird, 1983

Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), Christopher, 1989

Inaugural International Illustrators Exhibition, Tokyo, guest speaker, One Big Yo To Go, 1985

Biennale of Illustrations, Seoul, The Hobyars, Jacaranda Wiley, 1987

Premi Catalonia d'il-lustracio, The Bear with Bad Eyes, 1988

Bologna Children’s Book Fair exhibitions

Religious Book of the Year, Inigo, with Michael Hansen, 1991

Australia Post Bookabout, Best seller 7-9 year-olds (1995); Best overall seller (1996), Crocoroos and Kangadiles,

Galley Club Award for Best Produced Children’s Book in its category, Crocoroos and Kangadiles

Wilderness, first price for illustrations in Blotsville by Mary Steele, 2003

Excellence Award, Geelong Advertiser, for artist in residence program, Lara Primary School, 1995

Australia Council Grant, 1997

Group and individual exhibitions

Oz Gallery, Melbourne (group show)

Heyday Gallery, Prahran (solo shows)

Wiregrass Gallery, Eltham (solo shows)

La Perouse Gallery, Canberra (solo shows)

Australia Post Gallery, Holiday Stories Exhibition (illustrations)

Books Illustrated Gallery, Port Melbourne (retrospective exhibition of illustrations, 1994; Matchbox Exhibition, 1994)

Qdos Art Gallery, Lorne (group shows, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000)

Geelong Art Gallery (illustrations, Children’s Book Week, 1996)

Geelong College (illustrations, group show, 1997)

Fringe, The Box (group show, Melbourne and touring Australia, 1998)

Customs House Gallery, Warrnambool, (Children’s Book Illustrators, group, 1998)

Whole Foods Cafe, Geelong (solo show)

Ryrie Street Gallery, Geelong (solo show, reviews attached)

National Gallery, Melbourne, The Cask (group show, 1998)

Calendar exhibition (included in Shire calendar, Torquay, 1998)

The Ladder (group show, Victoria Vista Hotel and touring, 1998)

Momenta, The Whole Foods Coffee, Geelong (group show, 1999)

Picture Book Families, Dromkeen, Riddells Creek (group show, 1999)

Solidni Nejistota Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (solo show 2000)

Calendar exhibition, Torquay (group show, 2001)

ErPet Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (solo show, 2001)

Brougham Art School Gallery, Geelong (group show, 2002)

Fitzroy Street Gallery, Fitzroy (solo shows, 2000, 2001, 2002)

red gallery, Melbourne (solo show, 2002)

Scammelles Restaurant, Aireys Inlet P S, 'Leaves' (group show, 2003)

Eagle's Nest Gallery, Aireys Inlet (solo show of illustrations, 2003)

Gelong Gallery, Geelong (solo show) July 2003

Ryrie Street Gallery, Geelong (group show) September 2005

ErPet Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, January 2006

Little Malop Street, Geelong (group show) 2006

Little Malop Street, Geelong, 2007

Gordon Inst of TAFE Gallery, Geelong (group show) 2007

Qdos, Lorne 2007

Chrysalis Gallery, Melbourne 2007

Pigment Galerie, Prague 2008, 2009

Eagle's Nest Gallery, Aireys Inlet, 2010, 2011, 2012

Karingal Gallery, Geelong (Friends I have not met yet) 2010

Qdos, Lorne, launch of artist book ‘portraits' 2011

Boom gallery, Geelong (group show) 2011

Boom gallery, ‘forest’ exhibition of some 50 artists, organised by JTN 2012

Karingal Gallery (boats and more) 2012

red gallery 2012

Gordon Institute of TAFE Gallery, Geelong (group show) 2012

Deakin University gallery (from collection artists book), Geelong 2013

Boom gallery, Geelong (group show) 2013,

Boom gallery, BIG BOOM exhibition (group show) 2013

QDOS, Lorne, exhibition with Zoe Snyder (sculptures), 2014

Boom gallery, '90 postcards' exhibition 2014

wsg = world smallest gallery launched in May 2015

Boom gallery (group show) 2015

Boom gallery - 'new tibor' solo exhibition, etchings, August 2015

ngv, National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Children's Book Illustrations, (group show)

Gift of Albert Ullin OAM collection, August 2015

Karingallery - otways by tibor, February 2016

Boom Galery (group show) June 2016

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (group show) June 2016

CeCoDe gallery Castlemaine - group show 3/2017

QG&W Great Authors Print Exchange Exhibition - group show 5/2017

Geelong Gallery, shortlisted for 2017 Geelong acquisitive print awards

Boom gallery, solo exhibition portraits August 2017

QG&W Peebles Print Price - participating, group exhibition August 2017


La Trobe University, Melbourne

Australian National University, Canberra

Phillip Institute of Technology, Melbourne

Books Illustrated Gallery and Collection

Dromkeen Children Book Collection

Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne


Geelong Library, Geelong

Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library, Deakin University

Fryer Library, University of Queensland

National Library of Australia

State Library of NSW

Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne

State Library of Victoria

Private collection (Victoria, Australia)

ngv National Gallery of Victoria, Down, down,down, illustration

from collection of Albert Ullin, 'When the Buffalo Wakes' by Penelope Johnson,

published by Roland Harvey Books

"A Smile At Arm's Length"

Geelong Library, Geelong

Private collections

Australia, Czech Republic, England, Japan, Singapore


Books (text and illustrations)

Fish and Bird (for children), Oxford University Press

The Bird Man (for children), Mark McLeod Random House

How to Make Mobiles (for children), Allen & Unwin

Great Ocean Walk (for children), Lothian

Illustrations and covers for Overland literary magazine since 1970s

Illustrations for other magazines and journals such as Australian Society, Editions, Island, etc.

Logo design for Little Malop Street: The Art and Cafe Precinct of Geelong

Portfolio of etchings honouring Stephen Murray Smith of Overland, Port Jackson Press

Christopher, Kris Hemensley, Swamp

The Pig Farmer, Nan McNab, Swamp

Boats, Alex Selenitsch, Swamp

Vienna, Jiri Tibor Novak, Nosukumo

The Cities, etching portfolio, Swamp

sore/eros portfolio with visual poems by Alex Selenitsch, Swamp

book of friends, I have not met yet, catalogue for the exhibition at Karingal Gallery, Geelong

portraits, book of etchings in limited edition of 5 (artist book edition)

portraits, book of etchings / catalogue, published at “blurb” publishing venue

One Big Yo to Go (for children), Oxford University Press

The Bear with Bad Eyes (for children), Angus & Robertson

Inigo (for children), Michael Hansen, David Lovell Publishing

Puffy (for children), Anne Marie Rolley, Mark McLeod Random House

With One Hour to Spare (for children), Judith Womersley, Macmillan

The Square Book, The Triangle Book, The Circle Book, The Star Book (for children),

Nan McNab, Allan Cornwell

Mondays Child, Old MacDonald, Insy Wincy Spider, The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly

[Rainbow series] (for children), traditional texts, Allan Cornwell

Crocoroos and Kangadiles (for children), Nan McNab, Allan Cornwell

Buchanauts and Aquaneers (for children), Nan McNab, Allan Cornwell

You Can Make Mobiles (for children), Allen & Unwin

When the buffalo wakes (for children), Penelope Johnston, Roland Harvey Books

Box of Chicks, James Molony, Penguin, 2002

Blotsville, Mary Steele, Hyland House, 2002

‘portraits’, 20 etchings, launched at Qdos 2011

"visitors" text by Gregory Day, 12 etchings by JTN, launched at Qdos 2012

series of drawings 'aphorisms' for literary magazine Meanjin 2 / 2015

"A Smile At Arm's Length" (artist book edition 12) by Gregory Day & JTN, June 2016

Geelong Library Victoria

Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library, Deakin University

State Library Victoria

NSW Library

National Library Canberra

Manly Library NSW

Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne

"A Smile At Arm's Length" participated in Manly's NSW acquisition price 3/2017

acquired into Manly's Library collection

"A Smile At Arm's Length" Geelong Gallery, shortlisted for 2017 Geelong acquisitive print awards 2017